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My art is not to be reproduced, elsewhere posted or in any other way used without my written permission.
Any such occurrences will be dealt with in a way it will make your life highly unpleasant.

Everything on this profile is copy-righted by me. (C)


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I have an AWESOME idea for a showjumping event with a twist, but would anyone enter? (it would be single entry, with similar judging as my last show) 

40 deviants said YES! :la:
2 deviants said nah not really :shrug:



DNS's Under The Eclipse Grand Prix

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 9:33 AM


:new: Hey guys! Just a heads-up!
All entries I received so far are now linked in this journal. If your entry is in here, it means it has been accepted and is good to participate.
Also, to those who's entries I have not commented on yet - I WILL, I promise, as soon as life slows down a tiny
bit. This whole graduation thing is no fun at all.

:bulletpink: Event details: :bulletpink:
Running: 20.3.2015 - 10.5.2015
Event Type: English
Class/Classes: Show Jumping
Restrictions: none
Deadline: 10.5.2015

DNS Logo by Littlehorselover
Welcome to Dragon Nest Stables's Under The Eclipse Grand Prix!

We invite you all to take part in a competition that will unfold in our outdoor show jumping arena on a very interesting morning - that of a solar eclipse.


Weather and place:

The event will be held in DNS's outdoor show jumping arena, which is located on the edge of a cliff. Looking to the north, one can see the mountain ridge on the opposite side of the valley, and on the south you can see the forest-covered mountain slope on which DNS is set. On the west you can see the DNS castle, standing on a hill slightly above the arena with a forest in between, and about a 5 minutes' walk away. Lastly, you have a glorious view of the valley and the lake with its waterfalls, as well as the mountain edge that represents the end of the valley if you look to the east.
There will be a smaller wooden audience stand set up on the west side and a wooden judge's box next to it (if you would look to the west they would line up under the castle). They will stand between the forest patch and the arena, separated from it by a white fence that runs around the arena's western half. The footing in the arena is light sand.

Reference pictures:

DNS Map by Littlehorselover DNS scenic view by Littlehorselover the clumsy overachiever by Littlehorselover .:the start of something new:. by Littlehorselover
Arena                           -                          Valley view (facing east)           -                  view on the east        -         view on the north/east

The time of the event is set during the morning. Weather forecast is a somewhat warm, sunny day, with hardly a cloud here and there. But here is the catch: during the event we'll witness a partial solar eclipse. The eclipse is expected to begin at around 8am, and will last to around noon. The event will run in this exact time frame.

As mentioned above, the eclipse will begin at around 8am. This means the sun will be partially covered from sunrise on and we will not see it entirely until about noon. In this time the sky will become darker, and it is likely that the pink tones of the sunrise will turn into orange and red ones as the eclipse progresses. The approximate appearance of the eclipse from beginning to end can be seen bellow (regarding size and shape, not the colours).
Eclipse ref by Littlehorselover

Other examples:………………


Day 1 - Arrivals
We will open our doors for arrivals at 9am the day before the event. Guest stalls will be set up in our west stable, and guest rooms will be available in our east house complex. During this day, the use of our indoor and outdoor dressage arena, and outdoor jumping arena will be enabled for guests, while the indoor jumping arena will be restricted to DNS staff's use only. You can use this time to get properly settled in and stretch your horses' legs after long drives.

Day 2 - Event
The entire event will be held throughout the morning. Our indoor jumping arena will be used as a warm-up arena. The awards ceremony will take place after the end of the Grand Prix, in the evening. All placed competitors will be asked to make an appearance with their horses. Awards will be given out by our staff members. After the awards ceremony you can either leave DNS or stay another night and leave during the next day.

Day 3 -
For those who have decided to spend another night after the competition, the guest rooms and stalls will still of course be available, as well as the indoor and outdoor dressage arenas if they wish to ride their horses in the morning before leaving. The doors of DNS will close at 6pm, so we ask all participants to leave before this hour.


Bullet; Green GENERAL RULES  Bullet; Green

-HARPG membership is desired but not a must, you can also be a member of any sister groups or not of any group at all. As long as you own an active RP stable that runs in a similar fashion.
-No pre-made linearts, free linearts or old entries. All art must be created specifically for this event.
-No tracing allowed (skeleton tracing is allowed but give credit where credit is due). If I catch you with a traced entry you will instantly be disqualified.
-Full photo-backgrounds are not allowed, but you are allowed to make a smaller portion of your background using a photo. However, you will get less points for it.
-The show will be judged by effort and creativity, so don't submit sketches.
-Respect attire requirements and class rules, otherwise you will lose points.
-Unnatural horse breeds are allowed, but must not use any special powers to help them win the event
-Draw your horse and rider somewhere during their course, either approaching an obstacle, jumping over one, or landing after an obstacle. You can also draw them simply galloping from one obstacle to another, however at least one jump has to be visible somewhere in the picture.
-If you draw your horse miss-behaving, refusing or knocking poles it will not affect your score, however if you write in the story that they didn't finish their performance, it will be disqualification.

-Past entries/training images will not bring you any points.

-You may draw up to one (1) extra picture to add points to your score.

-Pre-registration is NOT required. Simply send me your entries in a NOTE, titled "DNS's Under The Eclipse GP" before the deadline.

-The following information should be in your entry's description:
-Horse's name: (+ link to ref. sheet)
-Horse's age:
-Rider's name:
-Proof of experience:
-Extra picture: (if you decide to draw it)

Please also put a link to this journal in your entry's description.


:bulletpink: DNS's Under The Eclipse Grand Prix :bulletpink:

This is an event for experienced horses and riders who've competed for a while and have obtained results in the past (past entry picture/s as proof of experience, one is enough). The course will consist of 14 jumps with 17 efforts in total, standing at 1.40m, one of them being large water. There will also be a triple combination in the course and a double combination. The competitors who have a clear round will be asked to come back and compete in the jump-off, with the fewest penalties and shortest time winning the event.

Minimal horse age: 7
Minimal rider age: 18

Requested rider attire: Safety helmet, black or dark brown tall boots, white competition breeches, show shirt of preferably light colour but stable colours allowed too (jackets are permitted but not obligatory). Spurs and whips are optional.

Requested horse attire: Appropriate jumping tack of either black or brown leather, saddlepad of any colour with your stable's logo, some form of leg protection (bandages or gaiters). Earmuffs allowed but not obligatory. No double bits, but stronger bits like pellham are allowed. Mane and tail can be braided or let down.

Sponsor banners:
Eclipse sponsor banners by Littlehorselover

Littlehorselovers xmas pressy by Mendokusee DNS obstacle collection 1 by Littlehorselover
These are the obstacles currently available at DNS. Their order and placement on the course is up to you, however you have to draw at least one jump in your picture.


Bullet; White JUDGING: Bullet; White


Effort - up to 30 points (attention to detail, quality of art compared to your own gallery ...)
Background - up to 20 points (10 if it is correct and accurate for the location, another 10 for details/effort etc. ... )
Story - up to 10 points (is it interesting, how does it relate to the picture? ...)
Overall impression - up to 10 points (did you try something new, how does the image work with the story, the image's feel, does it stand out amongst the others ...)
Eclipse & creativity - up to 10 points (how did you portrait the eclipse, how did you play with the lighting ...)
RNG - up to 5 points (
Following rules - 5 points

Extra picture: 5 points

Max. possible: up to 95 points

As said above, past entries and training pictures will not bring you any points. Also, training images at your stable will not count towards your score. However, you may draw ONE extra picture to boost your score. It should consist of your horse and /or rider at DNS. What I will be looking for in these pictures is accuracy to location, and a creative story/role-play to go along.

If you wish to RP, all members of the DNS staff will be open for role-play for the time of the event. Just ask me (and please also notify and ask other people if you wish to RP with them, don't just draw/write about their characters without asking). Simply drop me a note, and we can RP through those. I will also do my best to draw a few of these RPs, as many as time will allow.

Of course I will not ask you to create masterpieces for your extras, I know we are all human beings with a limited time and drawing one entry on its own is a lot of work, but it would be nice if the picture was a least half-body and shaded. You can use photos for BG for extra pictures, it won't lower the point boost (it only does on the entry picture). Also, my drawing of the RP won't count towards your score, it's just a simple RP drawing featuring both of our charries :meow:

The competitor with the highest number of points wins.


:star: :star: PRIZES: :star: :star:

Eclipse Winner Ribbon by LittlehorseloverEclipse first ribbon by Littlehorselover Eclipse Cup by Littlehorselover Eclipse Winner Blanket by Littlehorselover
-Half-body picture of your horse and rider wearing their prizes
-20 Points
-Free breeding to DNS horse
-Free breeding to Campari [SEH] (only open to purebreed Kaltesair Warmblood) sponsored by FuenferDagegen
-100 :points: sponsored by Zarac
-Detailed portrait of your horse wearing its prizes sponsored by WhingedDreamingRose
-Full-body portrait of your horse sponsored by Dark1lady


Eclipse Winner Ribbon by LittlehorseloverEclipse second ribbon by Littlehorselover
-Half-body picture of your horse and rider wearing their prizes
-15 Points
-Free breeding to DNS horse
-Headshot portrait of your horse sponsored by DeadChesh
-50 :points: sponsored by DeadChesh

Eclipse Winner Ribbon by LittlehorseloverEclipse third ribbon by Littlehorselover
-Half-body picture of your horse and rider wearing their prizes
-10 Points
-Free breeding to DNS horse

Eclipse participation ribbon by Littlehorselover

Any prize donations are very welcome!



Hey Diddle Diddle... by Mendokusee  Under the Eclipse Grand Prix by SilvesterVitale One does not simply by Zarac Grand Eclipse by SolinaBright Somewhere Between Sunrise and Sunset by xValkyrja Lights off by badazal Soar with the Rising Sun by DeadChesh And all that you create... by jennyshep5 The Dark side of the light by GabiHorseArt98


If anything is unclear, feel free to drop me a note or comment bellow. Hoping to see some wonderful entries and reading some cool stories! :dummy:


Here are some basic things you should probably know about me: :P

-My name is Eva, but I`d prefer Evy (I don't particularly like the sound of Eve)
-I have blond hair (naturally) :P
-My eyes are a mix of green, grey and blue
-My birthday is on the 13th of April

-I guess I'm quite a nice person, who is usually in a good (almost hyper) mood, smiles a lot and tends to appear flirty even when such is completely unintended. When I`m in a bad mood however, I'm in a SERIOUSLY bad mood. (Obviously you're better off not getting on my bad side)

-Favourite bands: Avenged Sevenfold, The Pretty Reckless, Mindless Self Indulgence, Black Veil Brides, Alesana, The Switches, Niet, My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, Muse, Of Mice And Men, Papa Roach, Slipknot, Pierce The Veil, ... :aww:

-Other things I like: Games Of Thrones, Castle, Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, Death Note, Attack On Titan, ...

-My photography and (mainly) stock account; :icondns-stock:

Best buddies on dA (in no order) :
:iconappyninja: :iconlittlehorsesoul: :iconthe-white-cottage: :iconepiskeeyy: :iconabosz007: :iconpudingi: :iconwalktrotcanter7:

Awesome artists I consider friends:
:iconlouvan: :iconmendokusee: :iconbaliroadmin: :iconjullelin: :iconehetere: :icontackrack::iconneko-raccoon:


Littlehorselover has started a donation pool!
360 / 2,396
I want to save up for my premium. :P

If you donate, you get horse designs in return! :dummy:
(don't forget to contact me if you want them, I forget everything)
:bulletpink: 50 :points: = Horse design

If you donate, I will love you forever! :la: :tighthug:

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